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The Letcher County tax bills are now due and payable. If you do not receive your bill in the next few days, please contact the County Sheriff Office. When mailing in your payment, please include your copy of the tax bill or put the bill number on your check. If you wish a paid receipt returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The following are the collection dates:


Property Taxes will go in the mail on November 01,


2% Discount: November 15 thru November 30


Face Amount: December 01 thru December 31


5% Penalty: January 01 thru January 31


21% Penalty: February 01 thru thereafter


Important Notice:


Payments made during the 21% penalty period but prior to the sheriff delinquent tax claim sale are subject to an additional $5.00 Sheriff fee and a $10.00 advertising fee.




The Letcher County Sheriff, pursuant to KRS 424.334, hereby announces that the Delinquent Property Tax list will be published in the Mountain Eagle on . This will be the only newspaper advertisement of the  delinquent property tax bills.


The list of delinquent property tax bills is also available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Sheriff’s office located at 6 Broadway Street Whitesburg, KY 41858. Additionally, a listing of the delinquent property tax bills will be posted on the Letcher County Sheriff’s website beginning on  and continuing for a period of not less than 30 days. The listing of delinquent property tax bills on the internet will be updated at least weekly. The Uniform Resource Locator for the website is www.letcherso.com.


The sheriff’s tax sale of the delinquent 20 property tax bills will be held at 156 Main Street on  at 10am.


If you have any questions concerning the listing of the 20 delinquent property tax bills or the sheriff’s sale, do not hesitate to call the sheriff’s office at 606-633-2293.


Property tax is levied on the fair cash value of all real, tangible or intangible property unless a specific exemption exists in the Kentucky Constitution or in the case of personal property, has been granted by the General Assembly.

In general, property is assessed at its fair cash value as of January 1 of each year. Real property must be listed for assessment with the property valuation administrator between January 1 and March 1. Tangible and intangible personal property may be listed either with the PVA or the Department of Revenue and must be listed by May 15th.

Kentucky's Property Tax Laws are located in Chapters 131 - 136 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes and in the Kentucky Constitution.
Tax collection for Letcher County will be as follows: